Productive Partnership in Agriculture Project

The Productive Partnership in Agriculture Project (PPAP) is an agriculture sector development project designed to improve the livelihoods of small-holder coffee and cocoa producers through the improvement of the performance and the sustainability of the value chains in the area supported by the project. The objectives of this project are:

Satec is involved in this project to develop and implement an effective Management Information System to provide the respective sectors with a coordinated set of information resource.

Industry: Agriculture
Length of service: 2016- 2018

Scope of services

Major achievements

One of the major challenges of the PPAP project is to conduct field surveys for the farmers who are geographically located across the different province. Most of these remote locations do not have internet facility to capture these details online. Protocol IT developed an Android application for tablet devices that capture the information offline into small SQLite database to facilitate the field officers to collect the data and transfer the information into the main MIS periodically. This multi-layer, multi-platform MIS system has the following advantages:

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